New Session

The schools  in Glasgow go back tomorrow and or the first Monday in a very long time, The Well is  quiet – I guess a lot of people are getting the last minute things sorted.

Various folks are also getting ready to restart all of our activities.

The Women’s English Class will start on Tuesday 22nd August and the Men’s English Class possibly will  start on Wednesday 23rd August (to be confirmed.)  Both in Govanhill Free Church

Chai & Chat hope to start on Tuesday 22nd August in The Well.

Bubbles for women and children  will start on Thursday 24th August in Govanhill Free Church.

These activities all  provide very important skills and opportunities for the folks who come, with virtually everyone seeing an increase in their confidence as a result of coming along.  The relationships that are built in these groups are very special, with some becoming genuine friendships that last for years.


Parenting Together

Recently we were given funding from St Margaret’s Scottish Episcopal Church in Newlands to run a parenting class for some of our Mums.

Making name bracelets

Since April we have been meeting every Wednesday morning in Govanhill Free Church, with a group of mums primarily from a Pakistani background, but also one Romanian mum was referred to us from The Space, a local agency that we share a common ethos with.

We have covered such subjects as “looking after yourself” “the importance of words” “boundaries” “listening” “play” and much more.

It was lovely every week to have Gail and Ailsa look after the children, and Shaida doing both the hospitality and translation as required.

Gift bags for the mums

I’m pretty sure that the children’s favourite thing was the messy play every week!

The mums thoroughly enjoyed our sessions and we had a special time today, encouraging them to build good memories with their children.

Special thanks to Gail for making these lovely wee momemtos for each mum.

I, Daniel Blake

Next week our volunteers will be watching the film “I, Daniel Blake” as part of their training for the work in The Well.  If you’ve not seen it, then I encourage you to watch it.

The harsh reality of sanctions and dealing with a system, which by its nature forces people into poverty, with little chance of escape is dealt with very powerfully in the film.

Kirsty has been working with us for the past couple of months and as she won’t be here next Friday, she watched it herself with her family – you can read what she thought of it  in our June newsletter. As Kirsty says it should be compulsory viewing for everyone!




Admin Worker

EllenFor the past 15 months we have been blessed to have had Ellen Cooke seconded from Interserve Scotland and Ireland, to help with our admin work in The Well.

As Ellen’s role in Interserve will come to an end with Interserve Scotland and Ireland merge their England and Wales counterparts to form Insterserve GBI, Ellen’s job will come to an end, and with her own family commitments she will no longer be able to work with us.

So! From the 1st May we are looking to recruit a part time admin worker.  Our admin post is a unique role!(The Well is a unique place!) It doesn’t easily fit into the traditional admin type of work – that is included of course, but there’s more to it than that, it has been described as a “very bitsy role” from ensuring the rota is covered for every shift, to making posters, from writing thank you letters to giving a listening ear to volunteers. (That just happens!)  The person will be an important member of the team of paid and volunteer staff, based in The Well.

Any interested person can request further information from Rhoda at The Well and should contact to request the job description and further information.  Application will be by  CV and a task to be submitted by 5:00 on Monday 3rd April.

Lunch at The Space

We work in close partnership with The Space in Govanhill.  A local organisation who do a fantastic work with Romanian Roma Families in the area.

The Group
“What I bring to Govanhill”
Building Friendships
Stamping the value

Recently Ailie from the People’s Bank of Govanhill asked if we would be willing to have a lunch for women in Govanhill,  bringing together women from The Well and The Space.  We were delighted to be a part of this.  As The Well is so small, we were grateful to The Space for hosting the event.


Here’s a video that was made on the day.


We need people!

The Well depends on volunteers to function.  I’m always encouraged with the sheer quality and commitment of our volunteers – they truly are a very special group of people.

However we need more!

We currently have gaps on both Wednesday morning and afternoon for the regular advice sessions.

Perhaps you would be interested in helping out by being a welcomer in the reception area?  We also need this help on a Wednesday.

If you can help out with any of the above – please get in touch.



From there to here . . . .

MapAs part of our development we’ve had a look at where our service users come from, the journeys they’ve taken, the churches that we have links with, and the partner organisations that we work with.


All of us who took part in the exercise found it encouraging, challenging and really quite amazing to see that so many from all over the world have come from there to here, and found a welcome in The Well.



Lunch time

imgres-1Ever since I’ve been involved with The Well we’ve never closed for lunch.  It was often quiet enough for folks to have their lunch together, have a blether and change shifts.

I remember those days!

In recent years The Well has become so busy that there times the volunteers never see each other, perhaps the morning staff work well into the afternoon, and some have been seen sitting down for something to eat at 2.00  or even later.

We’ve all just got used to this way of working, but since The Well is about community and fellowship for the whole team, we’re going to try things differently for the next few weeks!

From today we will close at 12:30, the afternoon folks will come and join us for our prayer time and have lunch together for those who want.  Initially this will be just for 1/2 hour, but who knows we might love it so much that we need to have longer.

Hopefully our service users will also benefit from a staff team who are more refreshed!


Partnership and Communication Worker

penny-sarahA few weeks ago I got a message from a friend that I’ve known for many years.  Sarah enquired about The Well and how things were going.  She has a marketing background, and as we talked the idea of Sarah working alongside Penny became a possibility which then became a reality two weeks later!

We’re delighted that Sarah has joined our team – 7 hours a week.  She brings additional expertise and enthusiasm to team, and we are thrilled that she wants to use her God given gifts and be a part of what He is doing in and through The Well.

Sarah has come in on Monday evenings, so she can experience first hand the work that goes on here.  She was thrilled on her first Monday to be able to tell one of our service users that he was due a tax rebate of over £200! Nice way to start:)

Sarah spent part of her childhood in Thailand, where her parents were missionaries & she brings an understanding of cross-cultural relationships with her.  She is married with two young children.

Every so often I have reason to reflect on the great bunch of volunteers we have here – this morning Joyce popped in.  I said “Are you Jaan today?”  She said “No, I’m just dropping this file in.”  She had taken someone’s file away to put together a summary of his case for him to take to his MP.  The summary has run to 5 pages of bullet points!  It must have taken her hours and I’ve no doubt that Mr Waheed will be be very grateful.  I know that several of our volunteers have done such things for people in the past, regularly going the second mile – determined to follow up and do their best for folks.  Well done team!