“This is the Lord’s doing . . . “

At our Board meeting on Tuesday night, we were reflecting on the journey we’ve been on this year. It’s nothing less than a miracle – God’s provision through churches and individuals, that in February we were facing closure and yet ended our financial year having brought in £40 more than we spent!

The Board were just so grateful to everyone who donated gifts to The Well, whether large or small which brought us to that point.

I have been looking at the management accounts for the year and I am so encouraged to see that churches and individuals (including gift aid) have actually given us £62,414.21! For me that is the greatest encouragement of all.

It takes about £100,000 to run The Well, which by any stretch of the imagination is amazing value for money.  I was chatting to a recently retired NHS worker and he said “The NHS and other bodies have no clue the value and difference that charities such as yours make to society.  I have no idea what mess our society would be in, if it weren’t for places like The Well.”

Thank you to everyone who made this possible – we literally would not be here without you.



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