As Glasgow becomes an increasingly multi-cultural city, more and more people involved in both the statutory and voluntary sector are realising their need to provide high-quality accessible cross-cultural training for their staff and volunteers.

Between us we have almost 30 years of cross-cultural experience: living, working, socially and marriage! We offer cross-cultural training to other agencies & churches. We draw deeply on our own personal experiences (including the mistakes we have made!) to help our participants navigate the maze of cross-cultural relationships.

Considering-C,-R-&-F-sensitivityWe don’t pretend to know it all, but in our training courses we help the participants to explore what factors identify and influence culture, how as professionals to relate cross-culturally, how to avoid offence. We challenge assumptions and pre-conceived ideas, and give people the opportunity to identify goals they can set for themselves to improve their own awareness or interaction cross-culturally.

We cover the basic subjects of:

What is culture? How is it expressed? What does it mean to be professional in a cross-cultural situation? We consider the hot potatoes of cultural, religious and family sensitivities. We make sure the learning is fun – there’s lots of laughter!



Participants are moved out of their own comfort zones for a few hours, and thus better understand the frustrations that those for other cultures experience day & daily.

What-does-'being-professional-mean'We have developed a fast moving, highly interactive (lots of role plays, scenarios, games, discussions) training package which has proved to be very popular with both volunteers and professionals alike.

Due to popular demand we have more recently developed a follow-up cross-cultural training course with a focus on working with parents and children.

Our rates are very competitive and the training can be adapted to suit your organisation.

We recommend a minimum of 3 hours for the training, and we are happy to provide support beyond the training, if required.

Please contact Rhoda or Penny (info@thewell.org.uk.uk or 0141 424 4523) if you would like more information, or to book our highly recommended training. We are happy to come to your venue.


“I thoroughly enjoyed the training.”

“Life experience of the trainers was key to bringing the course to life”

“The training offered by The Well is very relevant and practical”

“Very interesting and well-presented training”