Hollybrook Academy Presents: The Well

Our Head of Partnerships and Communication, Sarah, had a great time visiting Hollybrook Academy recently.  Hollybrook Academy is a secondary school in Govanhill that is for children with additional learning needs.  Some fourth year pupils took part in the Youth and Philanthropy Initiative (YPI) that allows pupils to select a local charity, find out more about it and do a presentation about why that charity should get £3000 in funding.  The winning presentation gets the money for their chosen charity.

Sarah went along a few months ago to answer questions about The Well and the pupils worked so hard making a fantastic presentation.  Yesterday, the pupils invited Sarah along to watch their presentation.  Although they didn’t win, Sarah was blown away by their presentation.  The pupils’ imagination had been captured by one of our case studies and they re-told the story in a fun, emotive and creative way.  The judges said it was very close!

Sarah was able to share the presentation with staff and volunteers at The Well and here are some of the  comments:

“The presentation is delightful and powerful. Everyone involved should be very proud!”

“The powerpoint is excellent – I loved the dramatic way they told the story, brilliant.”

“It’s wonderful.  Well done to the pupils!”

“Aww that’s lovely!”

Well done to Bracken, Braeden, Calum, Cory, Jayden and Mazin, as well as their teacher, Miss Manzor!


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