Open for Business!

It was a monumental day in The Well’s history today as we opened our new premises to clients for the first time!  Our clients didn’t seem to have any problem finding the new building at 53 Niddrie Road, as the queue started to form at its usual early hour.  We got a photo of the first client to enter who, along with everyone else, seemed delighted to be welcomed by the fresh, bright, clean and welcoming Reception area.

The new door buzzer system will take a bit of getting used to for everyone and we are surprised the door hasn’t come off its hinges on day one!

This move has really brought the team together as we packed and unpacked, cleaned and assembled.  We even found each other’s hidden talents- like Doug’s ability to apply privacy screening to windows with a perfectionist’s precision!  We as a team are enjoying having a kitchen area that we are able to sit in and spend time together.

There will no doubt be a few teething problems as we get everything up and running and we appreciate your patience.  It will also take a while to add the finishing cosy touches, but we are delighted to be here and to welcome our wonderful clients once again.


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