Southside Wellbeing Festival

Last weekend, The Well partnered with The Wee Retreat and Finn’s Place to host the Southside Wellbeing Festival. Some of our staff attended the Wellbeing Fayre at Finn’s Place on Friday evening, which was a great opportunity for networking, strengthening our links to other organisations that we can signpost to.

On Saturday, we hosted two women’s hand massage sessions at The Well. One ran from 10am-12pm and the next ran from 1pm-3pm.

Hand massage can improve wellbeing by reducing hand pain, helping lessen anxiety, helping with low mood, contributing to improved sleep and developing greater grip strength.

Women were invited to drop in for a 20 minute hand massage with one of two Massage Therapists. While Women were waiting for their turn, they were offered refreshments and encouraged to take part in a simple craft activity- making sunflowers step-by-step for a lovely wall display.

The event was attended by 22 Women and we received a lot of positive feedback, including the following quotes:

“I had never had any kind of massage before. I found it soothing and relaxing and the Therapist was lovely. The Well is a lovely, bright, welcoming venue. Everyone was made to feel very welcome by staff and volunteers.”

“Very nice and relaxing massage. I enjoyed the tea and craft table. All the ladies helping us were very nice.”

“I really enjoyed this. I’ve never done anything like this before.”


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