It can happen to anyone!

Despite all the advances in modern technology and automated billing systems, sometimes mistakes happen. Energy bill errors are one example of this.  It is a topic that has generated a few headlines over the past year.


The headlines are attention grabbing and the errors are often for large sums of money. Despite what seems like an obvious miscalculation, it’s not always simple or easy to resolve the errors as these recent news stories show. If language or technology is a barrier it can add to the stress of the situation.  Sometimes fixing the mistake involves a team effort with help from our Advice Centre. We also sometimes refer people to  South Seeds, a local community organisation with expertise in energy related matters.

Over the years, we have helped many clients correct utility bill errors. Those experiences came in handy recently.  Not long after moving into our new offices, we received an electricity bill for a substantial amount. The utility company had overestimated how much electricity we would use over three months. The actual usage was far less and the correct bill was a fraction of the original bill. This was first hand experience and a refreshing reminder of the issues our service users deal with regularly.




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