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“We did it!”

  We watched the weather forecast avidly for about 4 days, and decided that there was little difference between any of the days, and so decided the challenge would start on Tuesday 19th July. The team met for a cooked breakfast at 9.30 - it was a lovely morning  and our team was made up of the two of us, Malcolm & Jim - who did the driving, yes we needed two vans, and David and between...

Three Peaks Challenge

In December last year I went to the Aiming 4 Excellence Conference with Grace Penney from Interserve. In one of our conversations, we discussed what a good thing it would be to do a Three Peaks Challenge, as a fundraiser for The Well. But really it was just a conversation . . . In February of this year I met up with Grace again, and the subject of the Three Peaks came up. As we talked about it,...
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