Our Board

The Well is governed by a Board of Trustees. The Chair of the Board is Rev. William Wilson, a Parish Minister. Our Board meets monthly and its eight members have a broad range of experience from working with people through ministry, to advice work, cross-cultural work, facility and policy management and even Architecture.

Our Staff Team

Rhoda has been managing The Well since 2002 and previously volunteered for four years. As well as many years’ experience in giving first tier advice and support, Rhoda has experience of working and living cross-culturally. She has also passed the necessary assessments to be registered with the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner to offer level one immigration advice and support.

The Management Team (Rhoda, Penny and Alicia) are active participants in local networks. They are well-placed to understand the social issues in Govanhill and identify trends and develop services to respond to these. They keep abreast of changes in legislation and their social impact. The Management Team have lived and worked abroad in Pakistan, Iran, Eastern Europe and North America, enabling them to have insight into the culture of many of the clients who come into The Well. They are well regarded in terms of their knowledge of other cultures to the extent that other organisations who work with ethnically diverse communities, such as Housing Associations, request cultural training from The Well.

All of our staff are experienced and skilled in their own specialism. They also spend some of their time doing advice work so they are able to work directly with a variety of clients and have fresh insight into the needs of the community.

Our Volunteers

We couldn’t operate without its amazing team of volunteers who give their time, energy and compassion freely to serve ethnic minority communities in Govanhill. We have about 25 volunteers in our team.

Although some volunteers help at our friendship-building activities, the majority are Advice Workers providing one-to-one Advice Consultations. Volunteers receive cultural training and are mentored in the common processes that clients require advice and support with. Often excellent communication skills, patience and a good understanding of UK systems and processes are the key skills required. As welfare system changes are introduced, formal training is arranged for all staff and volunteers. For example, we received Universal Credit training delivered by Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG).

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