Going Up . . .

Every single week Mary faithfully comes and enters the information from the daily record sheets unto a data base, and makes sure the figures are all added up every week, every month, every quarter and every year.

There is always a sense of anticipation waiting for the final figures to be collated, and just to see how things have changed over the year.  We always have a sense of whether it’s been quieter or busier – but it is interesting to see how these trends continue throughout the year.

So what happened last year?

We had a total of 8018 enquiries throughout the year this compares with 7480 in 2012, so an increase of 7%.

In 2012 we helped between 950 and 1000 people, which was amazing, but to add another 200 unto that in 2013, is incredible.  Jan does a fabulous job of keeping 1200 files in order.

Benefits remains our largest single enquiry issue, with 35% of those coming for help with their benefits.  From January 2014 we have added in a column to be able to record how many come to do job searches, and also to know how many Foodbank vouchers we are giving out.

We see slightly more men than woman – about 6% more and the majority of our uses – 78% are between 25 – 60.

Those from a Pakistani origin account for 51% of our service users, with 18% coming from Eastern Europe. 10% are from Africa and the Middle East.

99% of those coming to The Well come on the recommendation of a friend. Like the woman who came this morning from the West End of Glasgow, and when asked how she found us, she said “My friend told me to come here that this was the best place to get help.”

We are so grateful to God for giving us such a dedicated team of volunteers who willingly give their time to serve over 1200 people, and so make a difference in their lives.


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