New Session

The schools  in Glasgow go back tomorrow and or the first Monday in a very long time, The Well is  quiet – I guess a lot of people are getting the last minute things sorted.

Various folks are also getting ready to restart all of our activities.

The Women’s English Class will start on Tuesday 22nd August and the Men’s English Class possibly will  start on Wednesday 23rd August (to be confirmed.)  Both in Govanhill Free Church

Chai & Chat hope to start on Tuesday 22nd August in The Well.

Bubbles for women and children  will start on Thursday 24th August in Govanhill Free Church.

These activities all  provide very important skills and opportunities for the folks who come, with virtually everyone seeing an increase in their confidence as a result of coming along.  The relationships that are built in these groups are very special, with some becoming genuine friendships that last for years.



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