Every single morning before we start helping people, we meet for prayer. We regularly pray that God’s love & peace will fill The Well, that people will encounter Jesus’ love through us – that they will have a sense of His presence in The Well.

Yesterday one of our regular centre users was in the reception area. I asked if he needed help, or was he just in for a chat. He replied:

“I’m just here to visit my family. I love coming to The Well, this is such a peaceful place, with beautiful people, and I just love to come and sit a while.”

Perhaps in the busyness of each day, or is it the familiarity of the place,  we don’t always realise that God is answering our prayer and His peace and presence do fill The Well, and people are drawn to the love and peace they feel there – so much so that they love to come and “visit family”

Very humbling and very precious.



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