Snippets from The Well

Mrs F – a single parent – is facing homelessness.  She falls between two different laws (benefits cap – that she can’t have more than a certain amount in benefits and the law that says she needs 4 bedrooms for her family – rarely available in social housing.) We discovered that she might be eligible for other help and have been working with her to see if this is possible.

At our Craft Group yesterday it was special to hear one of our regulars saying to another woman: “I’ll show you how to do this, but you need to do it yourself – otherwise you won’t learn.”

Mrs R has been coming to The Well for many years.  We have journeyed with her through many difficulties.  Recently when she came she looked like she was wearing a cloak of sadness.  As she chatted with me, there was little I could say or do to help her – but I did ask her if I could pray with her, which she was happy to agree to.  It’s been lovely watching the cloak disappearing over the past couple of weeks, and especially lovely last week to see her smile as shared some happy news with us.

Mr A comes to The Well almost every day – he recently upgraded his phone and had no idea how to use it, so he came to The Well to ask us to show him!


Mrs D brought a letter in today – she was really worried, as it was from Tax Credits and she had no clue what it said.  It was lovely for Nicole to read the letter to her and tell her that it simply said that she was now to get tax credits for her new baby.



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