Buy a bag!

We have some signs up in our reception area:

“Support The Well – buy a bag”

One man said to me: “We already have a bag, but I want to support The Well. You gave my wife a pen for your 10th anniversary, would you give me one please?”  I would have anyway, but since he was handing me £10 at the time, I was happy to give him as many pens as he wanted!

We are still selling bags, so if you haven’t bought one yet, then please do!  They cost £2.50 each (free P&P!)

The vital stats are:  H= 42cm W = 37cm AND it only weighs 240g! (So easy enough to fold up and carry with you!)  The bags are made from FairTrade Cotton and are very strong.

I love mine – but I might be just a bit biased?

If you would like to buy some – then drop us an email, drop in or call us. Look forward to hearing from you.

Jan – our receptionist – proudly using her bag:)




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