Chai & Chat

The Well Craft Group has been a fixture for many a year.  This group for women only – sorry guys – has seen us have much fun together, as well as produce some lovely items for both personal use and selling over the years. Some women come to use the sewing machineswhile others prefer to learn some new craft activity.  I felt very honoured to help one friend as she made clothes for herself and her family who were going on Hajj one year!!

Last month we decided to make a little bit of a change – and to rename the group  Chai & Chat.  ‘Chai’ is tea as far as our  South Asian, some Middle Eastern and our Slovak friends are concerned and is a seriously important component to socialising and relationship building. We are told regularly  it’s the chance to get to know women from different parts of the world and different faith backgrounds that make this get together on a Tuesday afternoons (1-2.45pm) so enjoyable.

The group is open to any woman, from any background. We nearly always have cake  🙂 and a craft activity of some sort to enjoy together. Please join us!

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