Chrismon Tree

The Well has put up and decorated its Christmas Tree, but it’s not just any Christmas Tree…it’s a special ‘Chrismon’ Tree.  The word Chrismon simply combines ‘Christ’ and ‘Monogram’ i.e. symbol.  These trees were first used by North American Lutherans in the 1950s and have since been used throughout various Christian denominations.  There are a few things that make a Christmas Tree a ‘Chrismon’ Tree:

  1. It must be a real evergreen tree to symbolise the eternal life that Jesus Christ brings.
  2. There must be white lights to symbolise that Jesus is the ‘Light of the world’.
  3. The decorations must be handmade.
  4. Only white and gold can be used for the decorations.
  5. The decorations must be Christian symbols e.g. cross, crown, dove, star etc

I’m sure you will agree that the result is really beautiful!

Some of these decorations were made by our ‘Chai and Chat’ women’s social/craft group.  When explaining the triquetra symbol meant ‘God’, one of the women said that this decoration should be at the top of the tree, so it is our tree topper!


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