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I wonder if you noticed that we’ve changed our name? We are now The Well Multi-Cultural Resource Centre  – a reflection that we are so much more than advice. We had already arranged a visit from  the Moderator of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland – the Right Rev John Chalmers, and so used the opportunity to have him rename The Well

He arrived at 11.00 and was promptly taken round to the Men’s English Class held in Govanhill Free Church, had tea with them, then took a walking tour of Govanhill,  calling in at The Space – a very special centre in the heart of Govanhill, which as the name suggests just offers folks a place of friendship and welcome. It was good hear of the listening work that goes on there.

We returned to The Well  and were joined by several of our volunteers and board members and some of our service users, after the renaming ceremony we had lunch. Many thanks to all who worked so hard to make the occasion special and The Well looking very smart indeed.

It was good to have the Right Rev Chalmers  chat to some of our service users, and just be a part of the day. Mind you I think he chose the busiest day ever to come to The Well – we had 58 people come to The Well for help yesterday!



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  1. Catriona Milligan

    I love seeing The Well continue to respond and change in tune with the needs of the communities it serves.

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