Do Christmas Well!

We are excited to have launched our 2020 Christmas Appeal- ‘Do Christmas Well’.  It has been a difficult year for all of us and some more than others.  However, a key way of improving your own wellbeing is actually to look to the needs of others.  That is what ‘Do Christmas Well’ encourages you to do.

Sadly, as with many things in life, those who were already disadvantaged have arguably been hit the hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic.  Not only has it been well-publicised that ethnic minorities have responded worse to the virus, but those who are in low paid jobs have had far less job security during this time.

Since re-opening following the first lockdown, The Well has seen some clients bereaved through Covid-19 and many more who have lost jobs.  Some families were left destitute for months, unable to access vital sources of income after job loss due to language barriers and simply not knowing what to do and how the processes work.


At The Well we are able to support people through such processes, ensuring that mistakes aren’t made and that immediate needs are met.

Please ‘Do Christmas Well’ and make their season brighter.  Donate to The Well and help those for whom social isolation is not new.  Donate today at .

You can follow our Christmas Appeal on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: @TheWellGlasgow.


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