Hollybrook Academy, YPI and The Well

A few weeks ago, our Head of Partnerships and Communications, Alicia, was invited to Hollybrook Academy  to talk to some S4 students about The Well. Hollybrook Academy is a secondary school in Govanhill for students with Additional Learning Needs. The students were taking part in a Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)  project.  Organised by The Wood Foundation and run in schools throughout Scotland, YPI is an active citizenship programme. YPI aims to raise awareness of social issues and local charities via a learning experience designed to develop skills and boost student’s confidence.  Alicia shared a presentation with the s4 students and answered questions about The Well.

YPI culminates in a contest where participating students give a presentation before a panel of judges about their chosen charity. The winning presentation secures a £3000 grant for their charity.  Last week, Alicia went back to Hollybrook to support the group
presenting about The Well. Three groups gave presentations about their different chosen charities.  All the students did an amazing job with their presentations, adapting their presentation styles to suit their different strengths. It was obvious that a lot of learning, creativity, and effort was put into each presentation. We are thrilled to report that the group presenting on The Well was declared the winner! The students were delighted to be handed the big cheque, winning  £3000 for The Well!

Thank you to Liam S, Liam G, Brandon, Scott, William, Megan, Kelsey and Ms. Manzor for choosing The Well as your charity and for the amazing presentation. Staff and volunteers are looking forward to a visit from the winning group later in May.


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