October update

Some churches joined in on Samosa Sunday, and so raised the profile of The Well in their congregations. The feedback from the various congregations who took part in Samosa Sunday has been very positive, with many people saying that they now have a greater understanding of what The Well is all about.

So far I know that well over £2000 was raised from the various offerings, so that is encouraging.

Recently in The Well we’ve had an increase in the number of Slovakians using our service. Crossroads always ran a drop-in for the Slovakian community twice a week, in the office next door to us – but that has been shut since the beginning of September. I’m not sure if it is going to reopen, and I know we certainly feel the challenge of a having a whole different language group and culture to deal with. We’ve been helping Slovakians for many years, but on a very small scale, and always the people who came to us before, could speak English, but the folks who are coming to us now have got virtually no English. There is so little you can do if someone can’t even tell you their date of birth!

The Bubbles Parent and Toddler group, which meets in Govanhill Free Church on a Wednesday afternoon, desperately needs more regular help. We are grateful that Nikki is willing to give her time, whilst she is looking for a job, but we need more women – if you know anyone who could help please do get in touch with us.

Today I met an Iranian artist, his work is beautiful and he has some displays coming up in November. If you have time to check out his web-site, I’m sure he would appreciate it:


Ok I think that’s it from here!


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