Now we know.

In the second half of last year we changed the way we recorded the information about the centre users.

What an interesting revelation that has been!

For example we now know that in the last quarter of last year 65% of the centre users came to us by Word of Mouth – which is after all the highest recommendation. Only 4% came because they had been passing and so dropped in. I think the area we need to work on is encouraging other agencies to refer people to us – this is currently less than 1% of our total.

The ratio of men to women coming to The Well is very close, with the men edging the lead with 43% to the women’s 42%, and children accounting for 15%. I often smile to myself, as children who have been coming to The Well for years with their parents, then start coming in their own right, we help the 2nd generation of Well users:-) 

The largest ethnic group who used The Well last year, was once again the Pakistani Community with a total of 56% being Ethnically Pakistani. The rest of the sub-continent has been overtaken by those from the Middle East, now 8% of the total. Eastern Europeans are now easily the second largest user group of The Well with 25%.  This is probably a true reflection of the area and just how much it has changed in recent years.

The vast majority of our clients live in the G41 & G42 postcode (81%), but it’s also clear folks travel to The Well from all over the city and indeed beyond. 

So yes it’s made for fascinating reading – at least for me! And it all goes to show just how much people totally depend on The Well.




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