Receptionist help required.

About three years ago Jan wanted to volunteer in The Well, but she didn’t want to do the form filling etc. Could there be another way that we could use her?

Yes! For some time we had thought it would be good to have a receptionist in The Well – someone to welcome people etc etc. Jan was delighted to try this out and very quickly it was obvious that she was so good at this role. It also showed that this really was a vital role and such a support to the advice volunteers.  So when Giscard wanted to volunteer, but not do advice – he too filled another slot.

Jan & Giscard have proved that we need to have a receptionist on every session. Someone who will offer cups of tea, make sure people are seen in the right order, have the files out etc etc.  So I’m  just wondering if any of our friends who are interested in The Well, and would like to volunteer, but not do advice work, would be willing to fill these gaps? (Monday morning; Wednesday morning and afternoon and Friday morning.)



  1. admin

    Would you like to phone The Well or call in and we can have a chat?

  2. Alana

    Hello I would like to volunteer on a Friday morning if its still

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