Property Update

When anyone visits The Well it doesn’t take them long to realise that we are really cramped and need new premises.  It’s 15 months since the Board took the decision to give notice on our existing premises and begin the search for somewhere more suitable.  It’s only because our landlord has not been able to find a new tenant that we have been able to stay on beyond May of last year – though this is a very vulnerable position, he could say to us at any time that we have to leave within 2 months.

To say that this has been a frustrating waiting period would be an understatement!  We have looked at everything that has been available – and they have all fallen into 2 categories, either not suitable, or not affordable. (Or both!)

We have had discussions with other agencies to consider partnership working and perhaps sharing a space, but these conversations have not brought an answer.

A few weeks ago we were approached by an organisation in Govanhill, who are sympathetic to our ethos and the work we do, they have a building to sell in Govanhill. Indeed they want the building to be used for the good of the communities in Govanhill.

The Board were very encouraged that they approached us and wanted to sell us their building at a very fair price, but reluctantly the Board has had to inform them that we are not in position to buy property at all. (Given that 6 weeks ago we didn’t have the finance to stay open until the summer!).

We would really value your prayers for a solution to this huge problem,  we are at in impasse – we have to move, but we have nowhere to move to and no means to move! We know that God knows and He is never late with His provision – so our lessons in patience and trusting Him continue!


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