Living in the margins

Some of our blog readers will be aware that in February our Board faced a funding crisis and suddenly the very real prospect of having to close The Well.  They discussed for several hours what really mattered, and agreed that The Well should not exist in isolation from the church, but questioned if the church saw the importance of The Well, and did they see it as part of their work?

So the decision was made to write to the local and other churches and individuals who have shown an interest in The Well over its 21 years.

What an encouragement that turned out to be! Several churches made it very clear that if The Well were to close it would not just be a loss to the community but also to the church.  Some apologised that they could only give a small amount, but they wanted us to know that they valued us.  We were supported with a mixture of “widows’ mites” and very generous donations – all so much appreciated.

Thank you to everyone who responded – it meant a lot to all of us.

It is certainly very clear that The Well has a mandate to continue, and we are thrilled at God’s provision – over £10,000 came in over the last month,  His church has  responded very  positively.

The Board recognise that we will probably never have “security”. We will never be self-reliant, but always depending on God.  We might always live very close to the margin – but then again given that our client group is made of many people who live in the margins,  perhaps that’s not such a bad thing?



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