Cost of Living Crisis

We’ve all heard so much about the cost of living crisis lately.  Energy prices have sharply increased, along with the cost of a weekly shop.  As mortgages are going up, rent is following suit.  This is impacting all of us but, as is often the case, it is the people who already had the least who are impacted the most.


Where some might have to re-think their holiday plans, or the number of clubs their children can attend, others are faced with mounting debts just to keep a roof over their family’s heads and food on the table.  The basics can no longer be covered by low income and benefits.  This is a real crisis.


At The Well, we see the impact first-hand.  We are often the ones who have to explain to people that their bills have increased, and this is the new rate, and there is nothing they can do about it.  We do everything we can to ensure clients get every bit of help they are entitled to, but it is falling alarmingly short.  And as the news sinks in and the disbelief is dispelled, we can see the worry in people’s eyes as their thoughts are overtaken, wondering how on earth they are going to manage.  It is easy to feel helpless.


Often at times like this there is not much you can do, but be kind.  Be aware of those around you and how they might be impacted.  People don’t tend to advertise how much they are struggling financially.


Often The Well is the only place people feel they can open up about their financial issues and the extent to which it is weighing them down.  Just having someone to listen, and demonstrate care and compassion, can make a real difference to a person’s week, even if it doesn’t resolve the overall problem….try though we may!


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