Life Skills Programme- Block 2

The second block of our Life Skills Programme saw five women, three African and two Pakistani, complete the 10-week course.  From the start the group bonded well and were keen to meet regularly to learn together as a group.  Some of the group topics that were covered were:  the wheel of life, making smart goals, five ways to better wellbeing, self-talk and inner voice, and making choices.

We also visited the Hidden Gardens where the ladies were given an opportunity to volunteer, and two signed up.

The one-to-one sessions focused on applying for college courses, signing up for volunteer opportunities, enrolling in online learning courses, learning about starting a business, and building confidence and self-esteem.

Some feedback from the participants:

“I used to be unmotivated and I didn’t achieve much.  After learning to set smart goals I am able to make a plan and follow it. It helps me to be disciplined, less stressed and more relaxed.”

“I feel much more confident as a result of this course.  It is the first course I have been on that focused on me and my personality.  It was designed for me!”

“After listening to the talk on negative voices, I am more confident. In the past I would get really upset if someone was critical of me, but now I just think ‘well that’s your opinion’ and I choose to be happy.”



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