Craft Fayre – Quiz Answers

Many thanks to everyone who supported The Well Craft Fayre and Coffee Morning, held in Cathcart Trinity Parish Church in September.

We were delighted with the number of people who came, the great conversations we were able to have and of course being able to raise almost £1000 for The Well’s funds. (Our treasurer was especially pleased with that!)

If you were able to come on the Saturday morning, you will know that we had quizzes for sale and promised that the answers would be available on the web site from the beginning of October. So here they are:)


Fundraising Quiz – here are the correct answers to our fundraising quiz – Thank you to everyone who participated !!


1. What is the more common name for the art of folding paper? Origami


2. In which cities will you find the following airports ?

Charles De Gaulle, John Wayne, Schipol, Sabhia Gokcen and Marco Polo.

Paris, Orange County(California), Amsterdam, Istanbul and Venice


3. Who massacred who at Glencoe ?

The Campbells massacred the MacDonalds


4. The port of Baku on the Caspian Sea is the capital of which former Soviet Republic?



5. What is a star that flares brightly and briefly called ? A Nova


6. What do South Asians call the clarified butter with which they do a lot of their  cooking? Ghee


8. Name the G8 countries.

Canada, France, Germant, Italy, Japan, Russia, UK & USA


9.  Whose series of poems were turned into the musical Cats? T.S. Eliot


10. What is the selection of small, hot or cold dishes served in the Middle East and the Balkans as breakfast, lunch or even dinner ? Meze or mezze


11. What are desiree, esteema and wiljaVarieties of potato


12. Which American retailer bought UK supermarket ASDA in 1999 ? Walmart


13. What’s peculiar about Lake Eyre in Australia?

It’s below Sea level and is dry for most of the time.


14. What would be afflicting you if you were suffering from mal de mer? Sea sickness


15.  In March 2014, what anniversary  will The Well be celebrating ?

20th year of serving the commuity


16. If you were following these instructions : Ch 6. Sl st into 1st ch to form a ring – what would you be doing ? Crochet


17.  What does the word/name Pakistan  mean? PAK means pure & STAN is the word which is used with name of someone’s place/country.


18. Name the British tennis players who have won a Wimbledon singles title?

From 1933: Dorothy Round Little, Angela Mortimer Barrett, Ann Jones Virginia Wade, Fred Perry and Andy Murray


19. By what name is acetylsalicylic acid better known? Aspirin


20. What did the US buy from Russia for $7.2 million in 1867? Alaska


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