Update from The Well Board

A few months ago The Well Board recognised that the future of The Well was far from certain – no one can survive only bringing in a 1/4 of their required income every month!

The Board recognised that they had to take drastic measures to prevent The Well from disappearing a year from now. I so admire and applaud The Board’s courage, they have grasped the challenge and started working on a new five year business plan – yes they fully intend to be offering our vital services to the communities of South East Glasgow five years from now – this is a real step of faith on their part.

As part of this future they appointed a development worker initially on a one year contract, they have interviewed service users, volunteers and staff to really find what people wanted from and for The Well.

It was uncanny just how many people identified the need for new premises as being a prime objective.

These are exciting and challenging days to be a part of The Well – we are totally depending on God to guide us and provide for us – without His guidance and provision our vision will come to naught.

Will you pray with us for the necessary funds not just to keep going (we need that!) but also for growth (we aspire to that)?

We know He is able. We know the work we do is essential. We know we need many more people to stand with us and pray for us and support us.

We know we need you!


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