Grow Your Tenner!

You may have heard of this initiative – it’s a time limited scheme whereby each £10 gift donated is doubled, indeed if it is also gift aided £10 can become £21.55!

Here’s how it works:

Go to “Grow Your Tenner”   from October 14th preferably!

Either sign up to donate £10 per month by direct debit (this will be matched for up to 6 months, and so generating an extra £60. (Do not sign up for the Direct Debit through Local Giving before the 14th October – as they will not count toward the double your tenner.)

Or go to Grow Your Tenner and donate £10 to The Well.

From the 14th October until the end of January the best way to give money to The Well is through the Local Giving Well Page.
So it’s now over to you our partners and friends:)



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