Hello… See you later . . .

Hello and welcome to Gail.

IMG_1323Gail joined the team in the middle of February both as a volunteer and as our part-time fundraiser.  I’ll let her tell you a wee bit about herself:

“I’ve recently returned to live in the Glasgow area having previously lived in the Scottish Borders. I’ve worked overseas in the past and love cross-cultural contact. I’d already intended to volunteer with The Well (which I do twice a week) and when the vacant post of Fundraiser was made known, I applied. It’s a completely new role for me so I’m trusting God to help me and bless the work I do. My daughter and son-in-law live in Glasgow and I’m enjoying being nearer to them and my 2-year old granddaughter.”

Gail has just completed 5 weeks training on fundraising and is keen to get started in her new job.

Welcome to the team Gail!

See you later . . . 

I have been the manager of The Well for 13½ years. (Surely that can’t be right!) In October last year the Board agreed that I should have a sabbatical this year. This has been arranged and I will finish in The Well on the 16th March and return on the 5th July.  I will go to the Middle East and spend most of the time there.

Whilst I am away Penny will be the acting manager and several of the volunteers have agreed to take on extra responsibilities.



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