How things change.

In 2004 when the EU accession countries were allowed to travel freely across Europe for work, many Slovakians arrived in Govanhill, many have settled here and made Glasgow their home.

Relations between the settled Asian community and the more recent Slovakian community, have at times been very strained – with neither really understanding each other, and both barely tolerating the other.

This morning I was on Allison Street – two streets up from The Well.  The Asian Bookshop was the predecessor of The Well, but was sold and The Well opened.  I could see it looked different and had flags in the window, and on closer inspection observed that the front half of the shop is now an Eastern European grocery shop, with The Asian Book Shop occupying a very small corner at the back.

I guess the current economic climate has a way of bringing people together, who would otherwise not even speak to each other.



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