One of our first ever clients

Today I, a relatively new Advice Worker, had the absolute pleasure of meeting Mr R (pictured). One of the first things I always ask is: “Have you been to The Well before?” This is to establish if it is necessary to set the client up on the computer system. Mr R told me that he had been coming here since it first opened 25 years ago. He then went on to tell me how much he loved The Well and how much it impacted his life. He said:

“Everyone here is like family to me. I always tell others to come here. I say ‘they will help you, show you respect, provide hospitality and give you peace of mind. You will be stress-free and find joy.'” I thanked Mr R for his kind words and he added: ” I pray for you all to have long, blessed lives- I really do!”

I was very humbled by Mr R’s words and his overflowing gratitude. I feel that The Well is truly blessed to have clients like Mr R.


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