Supporter’s perception of The Well

Recently a lady who has supported The Well both financially and by prayer, covered a few Advice Worker shifts for us during the summer holidays. We thought we would share her perceptions of The Well with you:
“What struck me about my visit to The Well is that the people care about one another. Users and staff warmly greet one another and relationships are valued. People know The Well is where you can ask basic or ‘silly’ questions or seek support and advice in a time of crisis. It is a place where you can cry if you need to and know that someone will listen, a place where someone will make that phone call on your behalf if needs be. The Well is a place where people come to complete forms they could complete on their own, but it is just so reassuring to know that someone is there to help when there is a strange phrase (Father’s partner?) because you are completing this in your second (or third or fourth) language and you know you need to get the form completed correctly.

There was a queue, but no one seemed to mind waiting because compassion takes time, it can’t be rushed. Compassion is what fuels The Well, the desire to help others, be Jesus to those in need.”

We are so grateful for this support and insight.


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