Reflections on the Retreat Day

Every year we take our staff and volunteers away for a Retreat Day. This year we went to Helensburgh and were blessed to have Rev Wilma Pearson facilitate a very special day for us.  I asked Joyce and Alastair, who both attended the Retreat Day for the first time to share their reflections.

Here’s what they had to say:

“I’m not very good at doing things that are outwith my comfort zone and spending time with strangers doing group exercises, is certainly not something I would normally choose to do, so it was with great trepidation that I agreed to attend the Well Retreat Day.

Tea and hot scones got the day off to a good start and then the nightmare I had been expecting began. Shock, horror we were asked to draw ourselves, not that it would have mattered what we
were asked to draw because my artistic skills are non- existent, but it got worse, we had to put our pictures up on the wall!

A contemplative study of Psalm 139 was next, first on our own and
then to share our thoughts with a partner. We then teamed up with another couple of people to contemplate 1 Corinthians, Chapter 12 Suddenly I realised that instead of sitting back and letting
others do the talking, as I would usually do, I was enjoying being part of the discussion. I felt safe and comfortable, able to express my thoughts without fear of being judged.

Later, listening to Wilma, and sharing communion with everyone made me feel blessed that I could share a very special day with an amazing group of people. I’m already looking forward to next year.”


The Royal Sailors’ Rest in Helensburgh provided a warm welcome with plenty of coffee and calories throughout the day to keep us going. It seemed an excellent choice for the retreat ,and so convenient as I happen to live in Helensburgh! I found the presentations and activities were thought provoking, encouraging and very well delivered.

The worship and communion were especially meaningful as we are a small group with a common purpose.

The major benefit to me was the opportunity to meet other volunteers who help on different days and even getting to know the Tuesday people better, as I have only been volunteering for a couple of months and it is normally too busy to have the opportunity to
chat much.

So I was left with an deep impression of the fellowship and commitment of all those who support The Well. I also gained a better knowledge of the scope of the work although that was not the purpose of the day.”



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