Warm Up Christmas

During the lead up to Christmas, we are appealing for people to help ‘Warm Up Christmas’ by donating to our Christmas Appeal.  We have all been impacted by the cost of living crisis, but its impact has hit disadvantaged communities hardest.  The Well works with ethnic minority communities in Govanhill and surrounding areas, who are disadvantaged by poverty, racism and language and cultural barriers.

Our free Advice Consultations often involve making sure our clients access the benefits they are entitled to.  This additional income can stop some families from having to choose whether to heat or eat.

Your donation can warm up Christmas for some of Glasgow’s most disadvantaged families.  Please donate today at: www.stewardship.org.uk/pages/warmupchristmas 

For more information, please follow our Warm Up Christmas Appeal on social media @thewellglasgow


  1. Alicia Macrae

    Hi Christopher,

    A very late reply but I can confirm that the poster is framed and hanging on the wall in our new reception area. PS you have a very good memory!

  2. Christopher Lamb

    When I visited the Well in the 1990s there was a large poster on the wall with St John’s Gospel chapter 4 in Urdu. I would like to know if it is still there

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