Extra Support

Sometimes we recognise when clients really need support beyond that of our usual one-to-one consultations.  In the summer, The Well’s Manager identified such a client and asked one of our long-term Advice Workers if they could provide extra support.  Here is the Advice Worker’s account of what happened:

I started to spend some time with a young South Asian man Amin*. He had reported that due to a breakdown in communication, it was impossible for him to be allowed to see his young child. With a good lawyer and some legal aid already in place, the best support he could get from The Well was moral and social support – a listening ear and some reassurance, as far as that was possible.

I was able to give this, meeting him in a cafe several times as he (sometimes tearfully) unfolded a very painful story, with lots of injustice.   At that point all he wanted was to have appropriate access to his beloved child, and play his part in their development and upbringing.

He was so distressed, and he very much appreciated that I prayed for him and with him, as this was important to him . 

I felt able to encourage him that no solid evidence would be available for the false charges made, and that the Scottish Legal system could be trusted, He knew that God could also bring justice to bear. 

I’m delighted that this ordeal is almost over for Amin and things are heading in the right direction.

*Name changed for confidentiality


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